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There are multiple markers on your mini-map: You receive an anonymous tip on the location of some Ultor executives. Nude lesbian selfies. Watch out for any gang members attempting to stop your mission. Saints row 2 shaundi hot. Take the staircase up to exit at street level, or take the steps down to exit via the water. But there is someone who might know--problem is, that person is locked away in Stilwater Prison. Iranian women ass. Pierce and Shaundi take out Ultor property while you and Gat check out the Pyramid.

Log In Sign Up. Get into the nearest car and drive back to the hideout as quickly as possible. Walk to the marker in front of On Track. We managed to get the Bulldog stuck on a corner on the upper floor. Move up the incline to the marker and battle additional cops. Target the gang members in between shots on the Samedi farming equipment.

Sunshine brings out the doll, shoot it out of his hand. Saints row 2 shaundi hot. Milf big tit tube. There are four pillars in this much larger area. Sure there are cops on your tail but just keep moving as quickly as possible.

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The detonation destroys the prison generator and kills the power. Small tight panties. Run toward the marked vehicle and get inside. A new objective appears once you have gotten close to the Brotherhood vehicle--note that Carlos is being dragged behind it!

Ascend the staircases while eliminating any prison guards attempting to impede your progress. While you and Shaundi hold off the junkies, Pierce went to go get the truck. Saints row 2 shaundi hot. Approach the clerk and follow the onscreen instructions to buy the Geiger counter. Return the docks and keep running away from the freighter. When you reach this spot, a cut scene interrupts the action. Enter the dragon hot scene. Three markers appear on your mini-map.

Watch the mini-map to determine his location and stand close. Landonio Landonio 5 years ago 4 I prefer Vogel. Save the shop owner inside from the Brotherhood beating to complete the objective.

Once there you receive a phone call from Gat with a suggestion:

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I'm gonna die, great While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Shaundi wrote a letter to Santa admitting that she hadn't always been a good girl but was hoping she'd changed this year.

One time, she gives The Protagonist intelligence that Pierce told her about. She has many connections and friends within the drug business, and appeared to have extensive knowledge on many aspects of the Loa Dust drug, which leads The Protagonist to meeting her. After killing Loren, the Saints head back to Stilwater to deal with Johnny's funeral, but are ambushed by Killbane 's Luchadores , angering Shaundi again, and she goes with The Protagonist and Pierce to help get others, although she gets annoyed by the fact that their first new recruit, Kinzie Kensington ,is a former FBI agent.

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